Who We Are

We’re a community of dreamers, misfits, and wanderers who've banded together around a single goal: to connect you to the art you love and the artists who create it by immersing you in their stories and points of view. 

We pride ourselves on doing things differently. All of the collections featured in this gallery were assembled by the artists and curated in collaboration with them. Many of these works are debuting for the first time exclusively in our gallery.  

We are an artist-owned studio, and we empower our artists to tell their own stories. When you buy art from Stolen Butter, you’re helping an artist fund their work in a tangible way. Fifty percent of the profit from every piece you buy goes directly to the artist who created it. 

And that’s because Stolen Butter isn’t just an art gallery. We’re working every day to leverage every space and medium available to amplify our artists’ diverse voices, while also building a strong community of art lovers and makers around the world.  

Los Angeles is our homebase, but we come from everywhere — and we go everywhere, too. Sign up for our newsletter to find out about new art releases and pop-ups in your city.

Questions? Contact us at hello@stolenbutter.com.


We are an artist-owned studio that empowers our artists to tell their own stories. When you buy art from Stolen Butter, you’re helping to fund their work in a tangible way.

Certified Original

Each print comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Made with Love in California

We care about the quality of our pieces, so we use only the highest-quality materials to make them. Our prints are created on archival photographic and rag papers, with solid wood frames handcrafted in California.

Stolen Butter Style

We love art. We love design. And we really have a thing for gallery walls. Follow us @stolenbutter for new releases, new artists, special events and tips on designing your own home gallery.