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Outpost by Rachael Thompson, from her Aotearoa series

Eyes on: Aotearoa

You’ll rarely, if ever, travel as far to reach a place as one does when one travels to New Zealand. If you fly to Auckland opposite the Earth’s rotation as... Read More
Skyscrapers by Rachael Thompson

This Labor Day

Every single day, millions of workers perform incredible juggling and high-wire acts to provide for their families, pay debts and strive for their goals. On this Labor Day, we’re thinking... Read More
Expectation by Chris Kridler

Taking the Shot: An Extraordinary Tornado Chase and Expectation

Expectation for any storm chaser might represent the culmination of an extraordinary day. On May 24, 2016, this tornado was just the beginning.I’ve been chasing storms since 1997, heading out... Read More
Hats on Cameras by Alexander Lombardi

Eyes on: Hats on Cameras

Alexander Lombardi has worn many hats in his life — literally. “I think this probably started with watching The Godfather in college or something, but instead of being a tragic phase,... Read More
Xanadu 005, by Fernanda Rocha

Eyes On: Xanadu

Light surrounds us constantly. It nurtures every living thing, reveals the beauty of the universe, connects us across thousands of miles of underwater cable and powers thousands of electrical grids... Read More
Virgo by Gonzalo Adrian Battaglia

It's Virgo Season!

Busy, detail-oriented and inexhaustible, the Virgos in our lives make every moment feel urgent and vibrant. Today marks the beginning of their zodiac season, and Gonzalo Adrian Battaglia’s block print... Read More


We are an artist-owned studio, and we empower our artists to tell their own stories. When you buy art from Stolen Butter, you’re helping an artist fund their work in a tangible way.

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Our prints are created on archival photographic and rag papers, with solid wood frames handcrafted in California.

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