Comandante Luke

Artist: Gonzalo Adrian Battaglia

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By Gonzalo Adrian Battaglia

Acrylic on canvas print on Moab Somerset Museum Rag paper, 2017. 



The Fan Art: Star Wars series is based on juxtaposition and anachronism. I mix iconic images of popular culture with iconic images from art history to create unusual pairings. Threepio is painted in the style of Vincent Van Gogh, while Luke is inspired by the iconic photo of Che Guevara. The final painting is a space battle between the two great sci-fantasy franchises. I have been accused of favoring the Star Destroyer, but I think the Enterprise has taken its licks on the Imperial Flagship. The originals are acrylic on canvas.

We only print on archival papers and surfaces, including silver halide photographic papers, museum-quality heavyweight rag papers, metal, acrylic, and wood.


Fuji Deep Matte Velvet is a luxurious, velvety smooth, acid-free, archival silver halide photographic paper with a non-reflective surface that creates gorgeous, detailed fine art images with rich, vivid colors that feel both muted and saturated at the same time.


Moab Somerset Museum Rag is an archival 100% cotton heavyweight 300gsm acid-free paper with an ultra-smooth surface and matte finish that produces deep, rich blacks and unparalleled color.


Our metal prints are made by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets, resulting in uniquely durable prints with vibrant colors, brilliant luminescence, and exceptional detail. The ultra-hard scratch-resistant surface is waterproof/weatherproof and can be cleaned easily — just avoid direct sunlight.


Handcrafted in California, our solid wood box frames are made of natural wood with a rich finish and grain that can vary slightly from frame to frame. They are available in black, white and natural basswood.

Gonzalo Adrian Battaglia is a comic book author and illustrator, painter and performance artist who explores a broad array of subjects through his mastery of multiple media. Classically trained, Battaglia harnesses his deep knowledge of art history to inform his methods, such as carving linoleum blocks to create prints portraying whimsical, wry and often bold themes. He often draws inspiration from the cartoons, movies, video games, and comics that permeate popular culture in both Latin America and the U.S.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Battaglia immigrated to Miami with his family in the 1980s, where he later established himself among South Florida’s tight-knit and innovative community of artists. He earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts and a Master’s in Education from Florida International University. He teaches art in Miami, Florida, where he lives with his wife and two children. 

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