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Artist: Chris Kridler

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By Chris Kridler

A supercell churns over wind turbines and the smoke of a lightning fire at sunset in the Texas Panhandle, 2022.

Color photograph printed on high-gloss metal or Fuji Deep Matte Velvet silver halide photographic paper. 

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As the Earth spins around the sun, the seasons change, creating a stage for storms. The spin of our planet helps those storms rotate. These conditions offer fleeting opportunities to observe the magical result: supercells and the weather phenomena that accompany them, powerful and ephemeral, in Tornado Alley every spring in the United States. 

Sometimes a violent tornado occurs in a deceptively peaceful scene. A ravaging storm might end with a rainbow. Storm chaser Chris Kridler is fascinated by the structure and color of these storms and the clash of chaos and order they represent. Each moment she captures will never be experienced again, but the beauty of these storms and the freedom to follow nature’s towering, spinning castles of vapor draw her to the Plains each year to seek them out.

We only print on archival papers and surfaces, including silver halide photographic papers, museum-quality heavyweight rag papers, metal, acrylic, and wood.


Fuji Deep Matte Velvet is a luxurious, velvety smooth, acid-free, archival silver halide photographic paper with a non-reflective surface that creates gorgeous, detailed fine art images with rich, vivid colors that feel both muted and saturated at the same time.


Moab Somerset Museum Rag is an archival 100% cotton heavyweight 300gsm acid-free paper with an ultra-smooth surface and matte finish that produces deep, rich blacks and unparalleled color.


Our metal prints are made by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets, resulting in uniquely durable prints with vibrant colors, brilliant luminescence, and exceptional detail. The ultra-hard scratch-resistant surface is waterproof/weatherproof and can be cleaned easily — just avoid direct sunlight.


Handcrafted in California, our solid wood box frames are made of natural wood with a rich finish and grain that can vary slightly from frame to frame. They are available in black, white and natural basswood.

Chris Kridler is a photographer, author and storm chaser who has traveled to the Great Plains every spring for more than 25 years to capture nature’s spectacles. Her obsession with storms is fueled by her need to preserve ephemeral, beautiful and powerful moments that will never exist again and the freedom she feels roaming Tornado Alley in search of awesomely bad weather.

Kridler, a former journalist who once covered the space program, also photographs rocket launches and lightning near her home on Florida’s Space Coast, where thunderstorms provide electric subjects for her sky photography. Her work has been featured in the Journal of Meteorology and the New York Times, and on book covers, including the Wallace and Hobbs Atmospheric Science textbook. She was profiled in Popular Photography and has been interviewed about her storm-chasing experiences on TV, radio and podcasts.

Kridler is also an award-winning filmmaker and the author of the Storm Seekers adventure book series and other mystery and romance novels under the pen name Lucy Lakestone. When she’s not working, she enjoys walking her crazy little dogs and sipping craft cocktails with her husband in their home bar. Learn more at

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